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As a working voice over artist with AVO Talent Agency I get to dive into new and exciting characters every day! From goofy kids to kooky creatures to being the voice of major brands, I get to live my dreams from behind the microphone.

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“I have witnessed, enjoyed and shared with my clients Kaitlyn Robrock’s talent for years, and for that I feel blessed! She is such an amazing, gifted and awe inspiring talent. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her and for the incredibly lucky ears that get to enjoy her gifts!”

-Mary Lynn Wissner, Casting Director

“Kaitlyn is a rare talent. She brings top-notch professionalism, acting chops, range, and creativity to every session. She has the control & precision to execute any adjustment, & a funny bone to boot. It’s always a treat to have Kaitlyn in the booth!”

-Eden Riegel, Vocal Director

“Kaitlyn Robrock is one of the best-skilled comedy voice actors in our industry today. She has great comic instincts, a sublime versatility, a sharp wit and most importantly she loves this career like a drunk loves booze. When I need someone to bring the laugh, the skill and the professionalism all at once, I call on Kaitlyn.”

-Mick Wingert, Voice Actor/Coach/Director

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